The Real Estate Of My Childhood

20120527-160332.jpg Just returned from a week in Berlin, Germany, I’m looking through the pictures I took there on behalf of my youngest daughter. (She was missing school because I wanted to take her along, so her homework was to produce a slide show diary of the trip for her class.)
I took a few hundred pictures, and most of them aren’t exactly touristy. Instead, it looks like I’ve been chasing the ghosts real estate of my childhood: non-descript streets I used walk down, apartment buildings I once knew people in, graffiti-adorned ruins of buildings that once housed businesses my family frequented.
I hadn’t actually noticed I took so many of those. Perhaps I’m so used to taking pictures of houses that it has become habitual.
Or perhaps there’s a therapeutic component. Because after all, there are also a lot of pictures of perfect, fresh produce lined up in supermarkets. Aww… Maybe my daughter wants to use one of those for her slide show. Never hurts to educate on healthy habits.

About DC House Cat (Catarina Bannier)

I'm a journalist-turned-Realtor based in Washington, DC. My clients have come from five continents--not unusual in a city that's full of life, history, world politics and stories Some of them, however, have lived here all their lives, and they have been the ones that taught me the most. For the past thirteen years, helping people buy and sell homes has been more than a business for me. It feeds my passion for house history, it's a way to make new friends, and it has become a way of life. Nothing tells more about you than the home you choose for yourself.
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