Sleeping in A Seattle Houseboat

Can’t help sharing this post by HouseCrazy Sarah! Last weekend, I happened to watch “Sleepless in Seattle” with my daughters (it’s so hard to find something that equally fits a pre-teen and and 8-year old!), and couldn’t help to follow up with a lecture on houseboats. You’d think they’re really as cool as the one in the movie — until you see this. Wow, right?

Here we go:  1960′s Seattle houseboat for sale

How about floating through life on this little teal and yellow cutie?

image from:

Ever since I saw that wonderfully sappy movie Sleepless in Seattle (thank you Nora Eprhon), I have always wanted to own a houseboat. Since I live in a land-locked, arid state (Colorado), that’s probably just a pipe dream. But I can dream.

image from:

This beautiful vintage houseboat is currently on the market for $350,000. It is large for a houseboat – 1000 square feet – with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

image from:

Located on Seattle’s Union Lake, this updated houseboat was built in the year 1960.

Look at the wonderful kitchen…

image from:

Love the trusses! It just feels so spacious…

image from:

image from:

The bathroom is very spacious (for a houseboat)…

image from:

As is the master bedroom…

image from:

image from:

Steps up to a mini loft:

image from:

Whoa bridge view from the roof-top deck!

image from:

Imagine coming home to this after a hard day at work:

image from:

So quaint! You can see the complete listing details here.

I’m a little claustrophobic but this place is so open and spacious (not to mention the well-edited furnishings), that it feels very comfortable.

Being surrounded by water and lush greenery sounds pretty good right about now (I say this as the state of Colorado smolders around me!)

How about you? Could you ever live in a houseboat?

About DC House Cat (Catarina Bannier)

I'm a journalist-turned-Realtor based in Washington, DC. My clients have come from five continents--not unusual in a city that's full of life, history, world politics and stories Some of them, however, have lived here all their lives, and they have been the ones that taught me the most. For the past thirteen years, helping people buy and sell homes has been more than a business for me. It feeds my passion for house history, it's a way to make new friends, and it has become a way of life. Nothing tells more about you than the home you choose for yourself.
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