What Am I Doing Here?

Stumbled across this blog utterly by chance? Well, so did I.

Although English isn’t my first language, I’m not quite new to writing, and I’m not quite new to blogging, either. I’ve written a blog at the ActiveRain real estate network for a couple of years now, but–as is in the nature of AR–many of the posts were internal musings, vents or discussions intended for “Members Only” and not visible on the public feed.

Then, a couple of days ago, I discovered the amazing WordPress blog of my friend and colleague, Marcie Sandalow. Marcie also is an avid blogger on AR, but her WordPress site is a lot more than a blog. It’s a consumer-oriented, user-friendly website with lots of tools.

So, while I maintain a professional website as well, it sounded fun to give this format a try. Feel free to come back for more. More on what? Life, history, gossip, DC, real estate. You name it.

3 thoughts on “What Am I Doing Here?

  1. Funny to read this! We have a lot in common and my last post talks about the power of blogging! You are welcome to come by elenasc.wordpress.com
    New world for me! Keep in touch?!

  2. Wow–I have a reader! I had no idea anybody could find this yet!
    Hello Elena–nice to “meet” you! And yes, we do have a lot in common. I love the slide show on your “about” page. I grew up in Berlin–no sea there–and the background picture here I took from the Berlin TV Tower on a trip this summer. We just can’t help, right? I’ve been here for a lot longer (more than 15 years, actually), but I feel it will always be a part of me. (Oh, and I do love the Mediterranean….)

  3. Gosh- I feel so honored to be mentioned in your very first WordPress blog. You’ve set the bar quite high, Cati. I feel like I really have to hustle now, just to keep up with your kind words. What motivation!

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