IMG_1512This is not a blog about veterinarian concerns or even cats–although I’m quite fond of them and even insert one here and there. Instead, you’ll find a lot of talk about houses; the Cat part comes courtesy of my name.

I’m a journalist-turned-Realtor based in Washington, DC. My clients have come from five continents–not unusual in a city that’s full of life, history, world politics and stories. Some of them, however, have lived here all their lives, and they have been the ones that taught me the most.

4 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. I’m writing an article abt Hollin Hills for real estate section of DC Examiner. Are you able to talk to me abt houses for sale and prices, generally for the neighborhood soon. On deadline now. If yes, pls call me 202.363.3287. Thank you. Audrey Hoffer, WAsh DC writer

  2. Hi, I came across your blog because I’ve been obsessing over kit homes lately. I live in Silver Spring and started an Instagram account @kit_homes_of_dmv trying to identify homes in our area. If you’d interested I’d love to get some feedback about the houses I’ve posted, or if you’re interested, have someone to post with.

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