Aladdin Brentwood DC Bannier

On The Market: Historic Mail-Order Homes

What a surprise that the DC real estate market is suddenly flooded with those well-kept Sears bungalows (or Aladdin colonials, for that matter)! There were few of them available when I prepared for my last talk about historic kit houses.  Some of these specimen actually have such interesting or exquisite details that we might come back to them later, but here’s a current lineup I’ve scouted out:

Aladdin Brentwood DC Bannier
1912 Aladdin “Brentwood” in Cleveland Park

A rather unusual 1912 Aladdin “Brentwood” in Cleveland Park is for sale for $1,879,000  We featured it before the rather unexciting and somewhat inconsistent flip renovation (take a look at Marcie’s awesome time capsule slideshow of Brentwood before renovation!), and I’m just glad that historic preservation requirements at least made sure that the integrity of the facade was maintained. (Current MLS photos).

Sears kit house DC Bannier
1927 Sears “Fullerton” in Chevy Chase, DC
Bannier Kit House IMG_4333
1925 Sears “Walton” in Chevy Chase DC
Bannier-DC-kit house-IMG_1808 (2)
1930 Sears “Westly” in Chevy Chase, DC
Sears kit houses in DC b. 1924
1924 Sears “Puritan” in Shepherd Park

In Chevy Chase, DC, there are two fabulous Sears houses on the market right now, both cherished, lovingly kept and sensitively updated. The first one is a 1925  Sears “Walton” for $849,000  (MLS pictures here). It’s got the original pedestal bathtub as well as lots of charming original built-ins that look like straight out of the 1925 Sears catalog. In the unfinished basement, the first owners have preserved parts of what might have been an original shipping crate, sent to some “Col. A. J. Mc[…]” who presumably was the first owner of the house.

The second one–just a couple of blocks away– is an equally fab 1927 Sears “Fullerton” for $899,000– a bit of a bargain for the neighborhood, but it might get more than one offer in the end. (MLS virtual tour here) It was unusual not only to find that the owners (or realtors) in both cases were aware and proud of their kit house, but that they even used catalog images and references in their marketing. Then again, we’re talking about Chevy Chase here, certainly one of the more historically aware parts of town.

Also around the corner, and also once beloved but perhaps not quite as lucky is a 1930 Sears “Westly” that’s offered for $835,000. It’s in need of rescue from a multi-year gutting and restoration effort that apparently came to a halt at some point. Not all is lost here — the original, very solid porch columns for instance are waiting in the basement — but the price seems steep for a house that’s not currently livable.

Just across Rock Creek Park in the Shepherd Park neighborhood, a sweet 1924 Sears “Puritan” is for sale at $624,000. We featured this house a few years ago when the owners rented it out. It’s a pretty little place with a lovely deck and backyard.

Vallonia DC Sears Kit
1923 Sears “Vallonia” in Woodridge

Further east in Woodridge, an early 20th century railroad (and now Metro) neighborhood with a bunch of authenticated kit houses from both Sears and Aladdin, you can find a 1923 Sears “Vallonia” (MLS photos here) for $424,900. Nearby Brookland is one of the remaining DC neighborhoods that has seen sharp increases in value over the past few years, and Woodridge is bound to follow suit.

Sears "Winthrop" in Bethesda MD - IMG_4009
1928 Sears “Winthrop” in Bethesda

And just steps over the District line in Bethesda, MD, a picture-book Sears “Winthrop” from 1928 can be yours for $749,500. We featured this house as well when it was offered for rent some years ago. There are some really fun details and catalog pictures in our slide show.

1929. Sears Roebuck is listed as the "architect" in original building permit.
1929 Sears “Barrington” in Cleveland Park

Speaking about which, there’s a nice lease offering as well: Also in the Cleveland Park historic districtthis 1929 Sears “Barrington” with its many original features can be rented for $4,500/month right now. It’s in a location that couldn’t be more beautiful and convenient. It’s been a rental and in the same family for a really long time, it seems so perhaps they’re not quite willing to let go of their treasure.

Found some more current kit house offerings? Let me know, and I will add them here.

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