Mail-Order Home Of The Week: A Sears “Americus” in Chevy Chase

Modified Sears "Americus"Our Kit House of the Week  is a somewhat modified but still nicely recognizable Sears “Americus,” built in 1928 on Morrison Street in theRectangular joint block in sears house historic part of Chevy Chase, DC.

While unfortunately much of the original woodwork on the exterior of the house has fallen victim to “modernization” efforts, presumably during the 1980s, there’s a lot of it left inside. (Note the crude little wooden rectangles at the junction of baseboard and stair trim–this was a peculiar Sears feature to make this connection less awkward for the amateur home builder.)

Preceding the current sellers’ ownership, there were two additions made to the original house: a smaller one on the left added extra space (and a fireplace) to the living room, as well as a full bath behind it. The other addition is in the back. It’s a spacious family room with a vaulted ceiling that was conceived as a music room by previous owners. (My dear colleague Pat Kennedy, who is a musician, fondly remembers the amazing acoustics from house concerts at this place in the 1990s.)Sears Americus - catalog reprint

Check out the picture of the front porch corner: you can still see where the two missing members of the characteristic “Americus” triple columns used to be.

You can find the listing, courtesy of Mary McGuire/Long & Foster, here. Last week, it was just reduced from its original asking price of $939,000 to $899,950.

As always, let me know if you’re interested in seeing it.


P.S.: After digging a little more in MRIS, our local multiple list system, I found this picture from an old listing of 3500 Morrison St. In 2001, the house still had all its colums and the original porch railing!

(Front Photo courtesy of MRIS/L&F.  Post modified from original source: Kit Home Of The Week.)

© 2012, Catarina Bannier

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