No more plunger handle

The Good, The Ugly, And The Toilet Plunger

Now you can see the plunger handle...
Now you can see the plunger handle…

It’s a secret I don’t share too much, but when things get really stressful with those houses we’re trying to prep, I often turn to Leif.

Now, I haven’t actually met Leif but he is a guy who puts things in perspective. He is an agent in Arizona and the owner of my favorite pick-me-up website, a blog called Ugly House Photos. Leif’s hobby is very entertaining (and slightly depressing at the same time). Most of the pictures he posts and comments upon are taken from his local or other regional MLS, and they will make you truly speechless. They are pictures of houses listed FOR SALE!

I have no idea how he finds this stuff, or how they sell houses in Phoenix. In fact I have never been to Arizona. I’m pretty sure, most houses there will not look like that. But it makes me laugh about all the stuff we agonize about: Crack in the wall–paint, tape, disclose? Chipped wood — repair, replace, leave alone? Pictures — edit, crop? Misleading angles? The list is long.

A couple of days ago, for instance, I  spent what felt like hours trying to get a toilet plunger out of the picture of an otherwise pretty bathroom, and then agonizing another eternity over the question why the virtual tour software refused to accept the updated version of the now plunger handle-free photo (it didn’t have a problem with the disappearing Sponge Bob balloons in the rec room, right?). Arrgh!

No more plunger handle
… and now you can’t!

I ended up leaving the head of the cute black cat in the virtual tour for good luck (see if you can find it!), and then I headed over to Leif’s. His collection of bathrooms alone is priceless. And there are more than a few plungers. Yep.

(P.S. Yes, I know it’s not my job and I suck at this, but the photo editing guy was swamped and had missed it. And yes, I do know the rubber part is still visible. Come on!)  plungeno plunge

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