The Kitchen Timer, Day 29 — Spring Is In The Air

imageFinally, finally, things are starting to happen. The big empty space in the middle of our house is flooded with sun. And it’s now going to get filled with whatever has been waiting in those mountains of boxes we’ve been staring at all weekend.

It’s been four weeks since the start of demolition. We went down to the studs to rewire and repipe the insides of those walls that are now once more covered with drywall, except for all those little orifices that have cables, gas lines or water pipes poking out of them.

It was hard to get excited about a dusty, messy space that’s been cluttered with tools and debris, but now the fun is back. There will be visible, tangible progress. The cabinets are getting assembled. In a few days, the counter people will come by to measure, and by the end of next week–dare I say it?–we’re supposed to have appliances installed, not to mention the luxury of running water.

After all the frost, storms, snow and freezing rain, the sun is shining now. From behind my future sink, I can see the daffodils pushing through the slushy snow. Spring is in the air.

(For a slideshow of the project from Day 1, click here.)

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