The Kitchen Timer, Day 44 — Why I Was Wrong

Day 44

Day 44

After Sunday’s admittedly somewhat whiny post, I received a bunch of virtual hugs and comforting words. Thanks, guys–I feel so much better now. I had to put things in perspective: to tear out your kitchen and replace it with a new one isn’t exactly a horrible hardship-type problem to have. Even if it sometimes feels that way.

The funny thing is, as soon as I cleaned up my Debbie Downer act, things started to happen. For one thing, we’re finally done with the snow, and you can walk down the block now without developing icicles under your nose. The trend was brought into the house as well. Look at the slide show and you’ll see that between Day 42 and Day 44, there’s a big change. And it’s not only cosmetic.

While we still don’t have any appliances, we do–after 6 weeks!–have drinkable water again, as the water line and filter in the new fridge were connected. Anybody who lives in the DC area knows that’s huge. Tap water here–while supposedly safe–tastes like somebody dumped mud in a public swimming pool and then pumped the resulting mix into your house. Icy-cold, fresh water on demand–it’s divine.

Another big thing has been announced for tomorrow. The plumber is supposed to show up in the morning, to install sink, disposal and dishwasher. The end of the mountains of paper plates and plastic cutlery that we’re hauling to the trash every day is in sight.

I think I love plumbers. And water. And light fixtures. And glass tile. Life is good.

(To see pictures of the project from the beginning, please click here.)

2 thoughts on “The Kitchen Timer, Day 44 — Why I Was Wrong

    1. Thanks!–you’re making me feel guilty again! Not sure about spectacular; the old ones served us well for the past 9 years, but they didn’t work with the design anymore. The new microwave is a drawer, which is easier for short people.

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