Modern mail-order house from the web

Teeny-Tiny Bungalow In A Box

Modern mail-order house from the webHousecrazy Sarah just blogged about a little house that might well be the Kit Houses of the 20th Century. I don’t mean the fact that the cute prototype is even smaller than the most of the smaller mail-order homes from Sears or Aladdin, but rather that it apparently comes all pre-cut and can be assembled in just days.

The company that produces these little darlings is called Bungalow-In-A-Box. It’s a family business in Maine. While they’re building larger, custom frame homes and structures as well, their largest pre-cut model (the “Brigadoon,” pictured above, which is the basic bungalow plus addition) has a footprint of merely 16′ x 24′. The system, based on already framed panels, allows adaptations and additions of all kinds. Check out their website for floor plans and interior pictures–it’s quite amazing!

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