Crestwood, DC, Villa for sale

What’s Wrong With It??!

Crestwood, DC, Villa for saleNothing, probably. It’s just that sometimes a new listing that hits the market looks too good to be true. Today, I made such a discovery–and I have seriously been trying hard to think of a buyer for the place! The 1920s home for sale (listed by TTR Sotheby’s at $1,199,000) in DC’s park-enclosed Crestwood neighborhood is certainly not a kit house, but rather custom built and unusual.

There seems to be a majestic air just from the outside, when you’re approaching the little stucco palace with its Italianate brackets and windows. And just look at the pictures and you will get a feel for the amazing spaces, with oddly angled walls, classic and open at the same time. Just that dining room! Of course, I’m not talking about the interior decor–that’s a matter of personal taste.

That said, the price seems very low for the size and location. (It’s been a little while since I’ve shown homes in Crestwood, actually, but I have a hard time believing that prices have softened a lot there.) Unless, of course, there’s something wrong with it. A ghost in the attic? A telephone tower across the street? Water in the basement? Large cracks in a bearing wall? Termites?

I’ll have to find out! Stay tuned…

(Front photo courtesy of MRIS)

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