The Kitchen Timer, Day 10 — Blue Wednesday

IMG_1380It’s been scary today. For the first time, the project weighed down on me.
While I tried to get some desk work done upstairs, the craftsmen below abused the house with sledgehammers and unspeakable, giant tools. The cat squeezed herself into perceived safety under my bed. With every new series of roars and bangs the whole house shook and vibrated. The 2011 earthquake couldn’t have felt any more frightening.
In fact, the earthquake was gentler on the house than this. Today, little nail holes and cracks popped up all over the basement ceiling.
I have to keep reminding myself that it first has to go down the hill before it can go up again. All this destruction is a necessary side effect, right? After yesterday’s setback it just felt all crazy. (Should we have put up with the cardboard kitchen for a while longer?) Well, we’re way past that.
It’s not all grim, though: The sink and the faucet were delivered today, and I adore them. They’re symbols of a better time to come.

(You can find photos from previous days here.)

2 thoughts on “The Kitchen Timer, Day 10 — Blue Wednesday

  1. AHHHHH ~ Just keep repeating my favorite mantra, which helps get me through interminable periods of major interstate reconstruction, which generally starts in one direction or the other from where I live close to I70, east of Indianapolis, and lasts until I need to get off of it, usually for periods not to be shorter than 9 months at a time; Spring housecleaning, which usually takes until late Summer; painting projects involving several rooms at once, generally begun three weeks before a major holiday and half of the family comes to visit ~~ “It’ll be SO NICE when it’s all done! It’ll be SO NICE when it’s all done!!…..etc., etc., ad nauseum…..”

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