The Kitchen Timer, Day 12 — Wood And Wires

IMG_1398IMG_1401IMG_1412We’re knee deep in manure. Not literally, but this is what Kelly The Contractor said to us during his site visit Friday morning: “You have to walk through some manure to get to the roses.”

Issue of the day: There’s not enough space in our electrical box to accommodate an extra 220V line to the new dual fuel convection range. This had been discussed multiple times before, but somehow the facts got lost in translation. To make it happen, anyway, would be complicated, take more time and–you guessed it–be rather costly.

Of course, it turned out the range arrived early at the appliance warehouse. They can send it back, we’re told, but ordering the all-gas version will take another 6 weeks. Could we wait?

Good thing the old range still hasn’t been picked up. It’s sitting on our deck, all wrapped up. It might have to be reinstalled temporarily.

On a positive note, we’re done with the  dismantling now. The first “new” material arrived–stacks of hardwood that will need a few days to acclimatize before they can get installed next week.

We’re getting closer to the roses.

(You can see pictures of previous days here.)

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