The Kitchen Timer, Day 15 — Motivation Mantras

IMG_1428IMG_1432Everybody keeps telling me to visualize, and that it’s going to be so awesome when we’re all done with The Project. How do they know? What if I made all the wrong choices? What if simple, white and clean turns out to be boring, white and sterile? What if the proportions are all wrong? The island too long? Too short? What if wood floor turns out to be a bad idea? Ugh.

Instead, I’m reminding myself why this was necessary. The picture above is a back view of one of the old cabinets. (“Seriously,” said my daughter, “staples and glue???!”) So we had to do this. We had to. We really did. We had no choice. Whatsoever. Not sure it’s working. My dark side remembers that just a couple of weeks ago, you could actually cook an awesome dinner in our house.

There’s a romantic aspect to life without a kitchen, though. It’s a bit like camping; you have to improvise to make do, it’s simple, limited, a little less hygienic, and you only buy what you will eat. Disposable dishes have a certain lazy charm as well. And who needs a kitchen sink when you can make coffee in the powder room?

Highlight of the day: the acclimatized wood floor was installed. Perhaps it’s all going to be awesome when it’s done.

(You can see pictures of previous days here.)

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