The Kitchen Timer, Day 17 — Lights At The End Of The Tunnel

IMG_1438Things are taking shape. While there isn’t anything in the room yet that would remind you of a kitchen per se, it’s nevertheless enjoyable to watch parts going in rather than coming out.

The big theme of the day is the lighting. Not only did I receive a bunch of lessons on the inner workings of a home’s electrical systems (I really couldn’t have told you how recessed lights actually are fastened inside your ceiling), I also learned that the demands of contemporary code and timeless common sense have a price. That discovery came when the contractor presented us with a “change order” of almost $2,000. Mind you, most of the items on that list weren’t things I fancied to change. They were dictated by either the nasty findings of hidden sloppiness or esthetic and code considerations nobody had thought through before.

On the upside, I ordered pendants today. I’m trying not to waste any mental energy on whether they will look fabulous or hideous once they’re up on the ceiling. After all, it’s a lovely feeling to move on from the horrible anxiety that thumbing through an online selection of some eight or nine thousand pendants will give you. In short: There is light at the end of the tunnel!

(For pictures from previous days, click here.)

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