The Kitchen Timer, Day 19 — Sound Advice Needed

To bury or not to bury? The 1980s intercom net could be turned into a modern Bluetooth/smartphone-controlled sound system
Day 19
Day 19

One of the curious relics from the 1980s in our house is a 5-station intercom system. Presumably, you could use it to call the kids in from the backyard or basement, or wherever else they might hide out. We have found this obsolete: In times when teenagers have cell phones attached to their hips 24-7, it’s a lot easier to text them than to try and get their attention via auditory stimuli.

The only part of the system that has ever worked properly since we moved in, is the radio that was operated from the ugly fake-wood kitchen base station. In fact, it worked so well, that it couldn’t be completely turned off. We knew it had to go, but when the electrician removed the panel today, he found that the wiring to all the other stations in the house was overall very sound (no pun intended).

An opportunity to get rid of the unsightly almond colored speakers that are scattered around the house

Now since the drywall work will be finished on Monday, we will have to make a decision: wall the whole thing over and forget about it, or retrofit with a modern smartphone/Bluetooth-controlled base station and updated speakers in whichever parts of the house we would like to play music–the basement, the deck, the master bedroom perhaps?

It’s a once-in-a-house-time opportunity. I’m just not sure if we want to stomach yet another “change order.” Is it worth it? Any advice appreciated.

(You can find the start of the Kitchen Project here, and a regularly updated slideshow of the progress here.)

3 thoughts on “The Kitchen Timer, Day 19 — Sound Advice Needed

  1. That depends if you like music or anything that you could play on those speakers. It’s now very easy to have a huge music library that you can play easily, or even just stream music from spotify, pandora, etc. Having the wiring in now will make it a lot easier to do. Depending on how expensive it is, I would say go for it if you like music for parties, deck/lawn activities, etc. if music doesn’t do it for you, don’t bother. Daniel

    1. Thanks, Daniel!! Unfortunately, the electrician never came back with new estimates, so I told the drywall guy yesterday to close the hole for now. We have to move on! But we know where the hub is and it will be easy to get to. One decision at least deferred! They’re weighing down on me…

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