The Kitchen Timer, Day 35 — We’re Getting There. Or Are We?

IMG_1655IMG_1647 IMG_1654Before I get deeper into the dramatic  continuation of the Counter Intelligence issue, let’s look at the whole picture. Week 5 of our kitchen remodel has passed, and this is where we are right now:

The cabinets are about 75% assembled and installed, even though it doesn’t quite look like it because the drawers and doors are neatly lined up in the basement. They won’t go in until the floors are sanded and sealed. The latter is supposed to happen tomorrow, although, well, we have our doubts. The workers left quite a mess behind on Friday (when it was “too late for the dump”), with the promise to come back the next morning and clear out the debris and remaining cabinet boxes and furniture from our family room so we could remove books and such before the sanding. (The new and old hardwood floors between the kitchen and family rooms are continuous, so they need to be treated everywhere.)

You guessed it–nobody showed up over the weekend. Except for a guy whose name was John and who was sent by Counter Intelligence Culture. John carried a computer and numerous high-tech scanning arms and touch point stickers into our house and spent an hour and a half thoroughly scanning every inch of our future kitchen’s skeleton. It was quite impressive. But more about that in the next installment.

For now, let’s check the schedule, although the order has been a little reversed. Current backlog: 2 weeks. Weather forecast for the next 24 hours: Storm advisory. Snow. Wintry mix. Ice accumulation.

(For pictures of the renovation from the beginning, click here.)

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