The Kitchen Timer, Day 3 — Recycling & Repurposing

Day 3-5 Day 3-6IMG_1325After yesterday’s little snow hiatus, action is finally underway. The appliances and the old cabinets are getting ripped out, and the electrician shows up for a first site visit. It’s a good thing I happen upon him, because we realize that the plans are not specific about the exact location of lights and outlets. What else had we not considered?

And how about the remains of the old kitchen? We hadn’t figured out in advance what to do with them. Sell the range and microwave on Craigslist? Or donate them? Or just have them hauled? Recycled? Can you donate (functioning) dishwashers as well? And sinks? Apparently, there are a few charities or organizations that would accept them (ReStore, Habitat for Humanity and Second Chance were named), but under what conditions? Will they pick them up? Can we deduct this from our taxes without an extensive paper trail? Homework for the rest of the week.

The most exciting event of the day was not  the recycling but rather repurposing of the old cabinets. As mentioned on Day 1 of The Project, we wanted to move several of them into the laundry room. That happened today, and they’re so much better than the wire shelves that previously adorned the walls there. Lesson learned: What’s junk in the kitchen might still have a useful life elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “The Kitchen Timer, Day 3 — Recycling & Repurposing

    1. Um, well… I have to admit that wasn’t our priority…but I was surprised how well they work in the laundry room. And then I realized that when the carpenter reinstalled them, he must have picked out the better hinges that still had springs in them. 🙂

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