The Kitchen Timer, Day 4: Schedules and Screens

IMG_1327Last night, Contractor Kelly sent the schedule for the renovation. This was very helpful, because now we understand the order of things a bit better. It also opened up new questions, though: Will it really only take 6 days for the countertops from measurement to delivery? Will the floor of the adjacent family room be sanded when the hardwood is put down in the kitchen? When will the backsplash be going in–perhaps when the drywall gets repaired?

This morning, we’re told that the final phase of demolition–floor, ceiling and all the rest–will be a lot more messy. Therefore, the openings to the family and dining rooms on either end of the kitchen get screened off with large zipper doors. You get through them like you get into a tent. It seems to take a lot of time and effort to install the heavy plastic screens.

I’m secretly worried that they will rouse the cat’s curiosity. She’s got really sharp little claws, you know.

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