The Kitchen Timer, Day 5 — Counter Offers

IMG_1330 IMG_1335IMG_1331The day began with a bit of a shock when we received the kitchen store’s estimate for the countertops.

We had picked out a Cesarstone quartz material that is readily available through dozens of vendors in the area. A typical (installed) price for quartz tops here runs from about $75-$100 per square foot, although some custom orders can be more expensive.

Thus, the $12,300 sticker we were served for our 65 square foot surface seemed mildly offensive, especially since it in no way explained or broke down how the number had been generated. We were dismayed. After all, we had trusted the design place with our cabinet order.

It also created a bit of a nuisance. While the demolition continued at home, I was forced to spend half the day in my office calling stone vendors, sending measurements and specs around and discussing options on the phone.

We got two more quotes (for the exact same brand and shade, with the same edge, the same cutouts, the same installation requirements). Both had detailed explanations — the size of the sections, number of needed slabs, cost of material versus labor. One even gave several alternatives for other suppliers or similar materials such as Silestone.

They were for $6,459.08 and $5,923. Both right on target.

3 thoughts on “The Kitchen Timer, Day 5 — Counter Offers

  1. We had a similar experience with the floor tiling here in Naples some years ago. Happens all the time. —– Bruce

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