How Not To Showcase Your Home On The Web

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have pictures on a listing. For you as a buyer, they help make the decision whether you might want to see the place or not. And for you as a seller, they showcase your home to millions of potential buyers all over the internet. Or do they?

The pictures in this post, courtesy of MRIS, belong to a listing in a nice little neighborhood in Northwest Washington, DC. From the outside, it’s a really pretty 1927 colonial. From the inside, well, let’s see. Here is the kitchen:

At least they do use environmentally friendly shopping bags, right? Now here’s the living room:

This is probably another shot of the kitchen:

And here is a bathroom:

The following one might emphasize the fact that they have windows. Or heating. Or hardwood floors?

Want to see a bedroom? Here it is:

The TV program sure adds a little color to the staging.

But seriously, this is not how you want your home to be shown off. Ask your agent to show you the pictures he or she posts all over the web. If this is what they produce, please ask them to consider hiring a professional. Even the teenager from next door with his cell phone or iPod touch could do a better job.

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